Discovery Classic Selection mini gift pack 6x5cl 43%

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Very special release of 6 x 5cl miniatures from our award winning The Lost Distillery Company Classic range.

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The Discovery Selection offers a unique sense of Scotland’s Lost Whisky heritage, reflecting all producing regions and old style tastes that deliver whisky ranging from the light & delicate to richly sherried and boldly peated. Very limited release 6 x 5cl miniatures from our award winning The Lost Distillery Company Classic range of Auchnagie, Stratheden, Towiemore, Jericho, Gerston, Dalaruan and Lossit. 6 of our range of 7 will be included in the pack – this does vary from pack to pack. Looking for the perfect gift or perhaps wanting to try the full range to find out which expression you like? If so, our selection of miniature packs are for you. A great experience is to combine a tasting of the mini pack along with a home video tasting session led by our global brand ambassador. To see the videos, please see YouTube or Facebook.

12 reviews for Discovery Classic Selection mini gift pack 6x5cl 43%

  1. Sean Russell

    I did a head-to-head-to-head-to-head-to-head-to-head(!) with 4 last night: Lossit, Gerston, Stratheden, and Auchnagie, Jericho, and Towiemore. All at 43% and really exciting in their own individual ways.

    Lossit (43% ABV)
    Appearance: pale straw, thin oily legs.
    Nose: Gentle, whispy peat smoke mixed with cereal, sea-spray, ‘Pears Coal Tar Soap’, faint mango.
    Palate: Lovely sweetness mixed with a sawdust tang. Gently spiced baked apple and Pineapple flambé
    Finish: Medium. Gently warming with a fruity peat smoke and delicate coal.
    If you’re a fan of more delicate peated whiskies, you’ll probably love this.

    Gerston (43% ABV)
    Appearance: Light straw, thick & slow oily legs.
    Nose: Summer fruits (dark berries, banana), subtle cinder toffee, very faint smoke.
    Palate: Medium sweetness on the tongue. A pepper tingle appears mingles with a timid bitter woodiness.
    Finish: Medium-long. Woody bitterness, coupled with burnt sugar and a light grassiness.

    Stratheden (43% ABV)
    Appearance: Pale straw, thick oily legs.
    Nose: Pear drops/acetone, sun-warmed hay, perfumed tropical fruit, bold cereal (grain?)
    Palate: Well behaved sweetness, dried tropical fruit mix, faint cigar ash.
    Finish: Medium-long. Sweet tingling pepper tapering off, giving way to a dry fruity oakiness.

    Auchnagie (43% ABV)
    Appearance: Pale straw. Thick oily legs.
    Nose: Malty cereal & biscuits followed by a whisp of smoke and a subtle fruitiness.
    Palate: Medium sweetness leads to a friendly chilli-tingle on the tongue. Old fashioned boiled sweets appear (particularly pineapple cubes)
    Finish: Medium. Muted sweetness that leads to the emergence of distant tropical fruit (mango & pineapple)

    The Lossit was my winner for the non-sherried whiskies. The Towiemore was my favourite of the sherried variety.
    (and they’re blooming fantastic value for money)

  2. stephanie lucock

    Great gift for a whiskey lover my granddad loved it

  3. stephanie

    Great gift for a whiskey lover my granddad loved it

  4. John

    Fantastic gift for whisky lover, good variety of different whisky types in a well presented box.

  5. Happy hubby

    I purchased this for my husband as a surprise gift, he was highly delighted with it, delivery and packaging spot on.

  6. One happy customer

    Can’t vouch for the taste as I don’t drink was bought as a present for my cousin and he was pleased with it

  7. Amber

    This particular selection was a nice variety of quality whiskey. There wasn’t one I didn’t like, but I particularly appreciated the deep peaty ones!

  8. Becky

    Father’s Day gift; he rambled on about the history and blah blah blah – he seemed to like it.

  9. Anon

    Excellent presentation and very tasty. Good price too.

  10. Mrs Packman

    My husband loved these whiskeys


    Great! My dad loved them!

  12. Calum

    Great service, with exceptional delivery, look forward to enjoying them

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