Craigelachie Single Malt Single Cask 46% ABV 70cl

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This release is limited to just one very special cask of whisky, carefully aged in our warehouses in Scotland before being selected when it has reached the perfect age. Each is bottled the way the distiller intended – without chill filtration or colouring and presented at 46% ABV. Slainte.

Nose: good maturity balanced with vitality and oily spice and a delicate botanical note

Taste: Delicate floral sweetness moving to fruity zest then a richer and altogether more viscous mouth coating of spice and depth

‘Ainneamh’ is Scots Gaelic meaning ‘Rare’, represented by our icon, the elusive white stag. Only seen in Scotland on a handful of occasions, and captured just a few times on camera, this elusive beast perfectly captures our values and the contents of this very special bottle of whisky – strength, majesty and grace.


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