West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants

West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants

In recent years rum has been put in the shade by other craft spirits, but not now. It’s now lesser known distilleries turn to take center stage.

Rum & Cane has a simple philosophy driven by company founder Brian Woods: “We are total rum geeks and scour the globe for the most interesting rums. Because we are geeks, we only ever bottle rums that we truly love and think you will get excited about.” Brian lived between Trinidad and Scotland for nearly a decade, he now travels the world to select barrels and discover hidden gems.

Hailing from the Scotch Whisky industry, his rum team has decades of provenance and regulation experience which equips them well to bring much needed provenance back into rum – it’s never chill filtered, no added colour or sugar, we strive to bottle the finest sipping rums. These rums are taken at the perfect age, bottled at higher strength 43-53% ABV and designed to be enjoyed neat, with ice or a splash of water – sounds more like a good Scotch.

When it comes to barrel aging, some are fully matured and others are chosen younger for fresher profiles. They tropical age at the distillery, and slow age stocks at their warehouses in Scotland. “There are no hard and fast rules, we’re always dictated to by the quality of the rum.” Says Brian

As for barrel wood, again some can be limousin French Oak, first fill bourbon barrels, ex Scotch Whisky barrels or even sherry butts. It’s all driven by what makes excellent tasting rum.

However, there is one rule, Brian reveals: “We tend not to buy rums from distilleries that are mainstream or in supermarkets, we bottle from many distilleries – the more unusual the better!”

Rum & Cane is aimed at people who love a craft taste and want to try something new and local. So there’s two distinct offerings, the ‘Remarkable Regional Rums’ & ‘Single Barrel Range’ - rum drinkers are still price conscious so this affordable luxury for people with adventurous palates.

Remarkable Regional Rums are marriages of rums from different distilleries from one region. These are XO rums which aim to capture the vibrancy, style and terroir of that region creating sipping rums that are exciting, vibrant, and utterly delicious. The Single Barrel Range takes individual barrels of rum from little known distilleries or islands. We bottle them when they have reached optimum maturity, perfectly reflecting the distillery’s style – a bit like a Single Malt.

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