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In the last century, almost one hundred of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries have been closed or destroyed.

This accounts for nearly half of all distilleries that have ever existed in Scotland. Global economic downturn, over-production, world wars and prohibition have all contributed to the loss of so many distilleries.

As a result of all of these factors, many unique and venerable brands have been lost to the world.

Until Now...

There is no magic formula to what we've done. We didn’t have a warehouse full of old forgotten whisky, nor a secret recipe or DNA analysis and we don’t have plans to reopen any of these lost distilleries. The answer to what we did lied in the history books…

The process began with our Archiving Team led by Professor Michael Moss from The University of Glasgow. Concentrating on the 10 key components that influenced the original character of these long lost whiskies, the Archiving Team played a pivotal role in evidencing how that spirit might have tasted when it was last distilled. While we could argue that there are a number of elements of the production process that are pivotal to the final taste of the whisky, we focused on what we consider to be the ten most important. Depending on the availability of information from our research, we are able to make certain assumptions as to what the profile of these whiskies might have been. The 10 key components are: the era, locality, water, barley, yeast, peat, mash tun, wash back, still and the barrels.

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