Discovery Classic Selection miniatures gift pack 6x5cl 43%

Discovery Classic Selection miniatures gift pack 6x5cl 43%

Discovery Classic Selection miniatures gift pack 6x5cl 43%

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Take a journey back in time.  The Discovery Selection offers a unique sense of Scotland’s Lost Whisky heritage, reflecting all producing regions and old style tastes that deliver whisky ranging from the light & delicate to richly sherried and boldly peated. Very limited release…

6 x 5cl miniatures from our award winning The Lost Distillery Company Classic range of Auchnagie, Stratheden, Towiemore, Jericho, Gerston, Dalaruan and Lossit. 6 of our range of 7 will be included in the pack - this does vary from pack to pack. 

Volume, ABV 6 x 5cl, 43% ABV
Description of Taste
Tasting note
Sean Russell 18/10/2018

I did a head-to-head-to-head-to-head-to-head-to-head(!) with 4 last night: Lossit, Gerston, Stratheden, and Auchnagie, Jericho, and Towiemore. All at 43% and really exciting in their own individual ways.

Lossit (43% ABV)
Appearance: pale straw, thin oily legs.
Nose: Gentle, whispy peat smoke mixed with cereal, sea-spray, 'Pears Coal Tar Soap', faint mango.
Palate: Lovely sweetness mixed with a sawdust tang. Gently spiced baked apple and Pineapple flambé
Finish: Medium. Gently warming with a fruity peat smoke and delicate coal.
If you're a fan of more delicate peated whiskies, you'll probably love this.

Gerston (43% ABV)
Appearance: Light straw, thick & slow oily legs.
Nose: Summer fruits (dark berries, banana), subtle cinder toffee, very faint smoke.
Palate: Medium sweetness on the tongue. A pepper tingle appears mingles with a timid bitter woodiness.
Finish: Medium-long. Woody bitterness, coupled with burnt sugar and a light grassiness.

Stratheden (43% ABV)
Appearance: Pale straw, thick oily legs.
Nose: Pear drops/acetone, sun-warmed hay, perfumed tropical fruit, bold cereal (grain?)
Palate: Well behaved sweetness, dried tropical fruit mix, faint cigar ash.
Finish: Medium-long. Sweet tingling pepper tapering off, giving way to a dry fruity oakiness.

Auchnagie (43% ABV)
Appearance: Pale straw. Thick oily legs.
Nose: Malty cereal & biscuits followed by a whisp of smoke and a subtle fruitiness.
Palate: Medium sweetness leads to a friendly chilli-tingle on the tongue. Old fashioned boiled sweets appear (particularly pineapple cubes)
Finish: Medium. Muted sweetness that leads to the emergence of distant tropical fruit (mango & pineapple)

The Lossit was my winner for the non-sherried whiskies. The Towiemore was my favourite of the sherried variety.
(and they're blooming fantastic value for money)

John Morrison 22/08/2018

Fantastic gift for whisky lover, good variety of different whisky types in a well presented box.

Amber P. 24/06/2018

This particular selection was a nice variety of quality whiskey. There wasn’t one I didn’t like, but I particularly appreciated the deep peaty ones!

Stuart A Turner 29/04/2018

Great lovely present to give to others

Jacques V 08/03/2018

conforme et emballage impec

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